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Good Designs manufactures and markets adjustable bicycle stabilisers for both mainstream and the less able markets. In essence these stabilisers - ADJUSTABILISERS - allow the skill of balancing on a bicycle, which is far more difficult than learning to steer or pedal, to be learned gradually by reducing the support offered by the stabilisers. The wheels are continuously adjustable along the supports in both horizontal and vertical directions.

ADJUSTABILISERS have been available for over 15 years and have proven their worth to many customers and health professionals alike. Have a look at our reviews to see what we mean.

Of course these bike stabilisers can also be very valuable for adults without disabilities who have never had the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle.

If as a child you were prevented from learning to ride through poor health, lack of an available cycle or whatever - now is your chance!

We invite you to browse our site and see for yourself how Adjustabilisers might help you!


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